Snowpocalypse 2018!

The Reno area has been hit with well over a foot of snow and it seems that much more is on the way today. Due to the snow, church set up has been CANCELLED for tonight.

Small Groups

Hi Friends! The groundhog saw his shadow and now we have 6 more weeks of winter…except its 60 degrees outside and it feels like spring! I’m excited for our new study in John that we begin next week. A few housekeeping points as we begin. First, the study is 22 weeks long! That will take your groups somewhere into June depending on breaks that you may take for Easter/Spring Beak or any other unforeseen pause. During the summer, you will…

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi family! Happy Thanksgiving! Today we gather with family, stuff our faces with delicious food and reflect upon the blessings of God! BUT…when it’s all said and done, we usually do all three poorly. We gather with family but usually don’t value our time together. We stuff our faces with food only to bemoan how our bellies will burst and our “thanksgiving” to God usually consists of a quick, pre-meal prayer. How about we change things up this Thanksgiving and…

Pizza Night

Hi Fam, I was notified only this morning (!!) that the school will be closed Friday, (tomorrow) which means we have to call a quick audible and set up tonight! A new church has to be flexible, time to stretch 🙂 We will be meeting at 5pm TONIGHT to set up the church and Harvest Party games, so instead of Friday Pizza night we will turn it into Thursday pizza night! Pizza will be served, come when you can and we will…


Our sermon podcast is now available at Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts will publish our last ten sermons.  For our complete sermon library, you can listen to or download all of our sermons on our website. Please see our Sermon Archive webpage.

Contact Form Back Online

Yesterday, we discovered an issue with the website’s Contact Form, which did not allow email to be sent. This has been fixed this morning. If you recently tried to contact us, and you did not receive a confirmation email, please feel free to reach out to us again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Vision Meeting Recap

Hi friends! As Abraham treks up a mountain with his son Isaac, he asks his father where is the sacrifice for the burnt offering? Genesis 22:8 brings us the faith filled reply, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” God will provide, God has provided and God will continue to provide as we journey together as Imago Dei Church! What an amazing informational meeting we had yesterday. I want to personally thank everyone who was…

We’re Still On For Today!

Happy Sunday everyone! We are still on for the Imago Dei informational meeting today, March 5th at 2pm at Billinghurst Middle School! Your safety is our top priority. If you feel unsafe please stay home. If you are able to come, please drive safely and we look forward to seeing everyone today. God Bless, Pastor Santino

Please Join Us

This Sunday, March 5th, Imago Dei Church will hold an informational meeting on who we are and our vision for this church and city. Please join us at 2pm at Billinghurst Middle School. There will be a time for Q&A at the end…bring your questions. ?

Exciting News!

Hi friends A quick update on what’s been happening and some exciting news for many of you. God has called us to begin a new journey in Reno and create a new and different place of worship, called IMAGO DEI Church which is Latin for “Image of God.” At IMAGO DEI, our heart is a place of worship where everyone participates because we have all been made in the Image of God. We are excited for what God is doing…