Hi friends!

In the month of March, we celebrate a great man of faith, St. Patrick, who preached the Gospel and eradicated slavery from Ireland. John 1:5 proclaims,

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

Eleven months after our birth, the heart and vision of Imago Dei Church remains the same; to bring the light of Jesus to our church, community and city. Thank you for being part of our church family and being committed to seeing lives transformed into the image of Jesus Christ!

March is busy at Imago Dei!

This Sunday we SPRING forward one hour. Please make sure to move your clocks forward one hour this Saturday night/Sunday morning. See you at 10:30am Sunday morning 🙂

Mark Your Calendars for Some Amazing Events!

On March 25th, Palm Sunday, we will be holding our Annual Business Meeting after church service. This meeting will be a quick update on the financial standing of the church and our budget moving forward for 2018. We will reaffirm our vision, mission and field any questions. We look forward to our time discussing God’s work this past year and for the future at Imago Dei!

March 30th, we will hold a very special Good Friday service to reflect on the sacrifice our Savior made for all people. Please join us for a very special Communion service at 6:30pm. We will have our set up from 5-6pm with our Communion service commencing at 6:30pm. At Imago Dei, we believe that the ENTIRE family should partake in Communion together, please bring the family! Light refreshments will be served before service begins.

Easter will be Sunday, April 1st this year (that’s no joke). 🙂 We will celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and this day will mark the one year anniversary of Imago Dei Church! Please mark your calendar and begin inviting family and friends for this special celebration of new life!

God Bless,
Pastor Santino