Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi family!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we gather with family, stuff our faces with delicious food and reflect upon the blessings of God!

BUT…when it’s all said and done, we usually do all three poorly. We gather with family but usually don’t value our time together. We stuff our faces with food only to bemoan how our bellies will burst and our “thanksgiving” to God usually consists of a quick, pre-meal prayer.

How about we change things up this Thanksgiving and make it a day to remember?! Why not start this day by reflecting and praying for a few minutes on all of the amazing things that God has blessed us with this year? When we express our gratitude to God it allows us to see that our families are precious, our food doesn’t have to be consumed in one sitting 🙂 and that God enjoys when we acknowledge His work. For my family and I, we are reflecting on God’s provisions this year and the birth of Imago Dei Church. You have become part of our family and we are tremendously blessed by your desire to love, worship and serve our great God! We look forward to God’s continued blessings as we become transformed as a family, a people and a community of faith.

God bless and have an amazing Thanksgiving!


Pastor Santino, Jennifer, Isabella, Giovanni, Liliana and Abriella